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To better understand the leadership dimensions of crisis situations, the Center for Creative Leadership convened a forum with formal and emergent leaders who played a role in Hurricane Katrina. We overlaid this conversation between crisis leaders with the perspectives of discussants with expertise in disaster, terrorism, public health, and leadership. This blog site is intended to continue this conversation.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

How Disasters Can Move Us to a Sense of Community

I haven't posted to this blog in years but was inspired to do so by the fresh insights in an interview with Rebecca Solnit's about her book, A Paradise Built in Hell.

Rebecca observes that disasters can be a force for positive transformation and sometimes bring out the best in us:

"Behind such disaster response is an assumption about human nature: that we are selfish, chaotic, greedy, brutal animals. The evidence is mostly to the contrary - the great majority of us behave with grace and generosity and, often, great courage and calm."

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